Friday, June 24, 2011

Goals: What next?

G -> Goals. Set Goals:
R -> Reality Check:
O -> Options:
W -> What Next?

Now that you have evaluated and filtered out your options carefully so that only the one or two best options remain to guide you in your drive towards your goal; your Time, Efforts and Resources can now be more easily managed and optimized so that their focus is only on your best options considered to make your goal a reality.

So what's next? What actions do you need to take to drive you closer towards your goal?
Where next? Where do you need to go to move you nearer to where you want to be?
Who next? Who's help do you need to support your effort in going after your goal?

What's next?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Goals: Options, options, options...

G -> Goals. Set Goals:
R -> Reality Check:
O -> Options:
W -> ...

List your options.
Evaluate your options.
Which among your options will give you the best, realistic chance of attaining your goals within the time frame that you specified?
Do you need to adjust the time frame for your goals to match the available options?