Saturday, January 14, 2012

Is Personal Finance Management "Rocket Science"?

In a yearly study conducted by Citibank, it was determined that the average Filipino income earner has a low Financial IQ of around 48 (out of 100).
(Please refer to this 2011 Study which indicates that the average Filipino earner is not knowledgeable in basic money management skills.)

This study may be some indicator that to the average Filipino, Personal Finance Management is a "rocket science" which requires very serious study and complex mathematics to understand.

But the fact of the matter is that Personal Finance Management is just an easy collection of very simple and practical rules even an elementary kid can understand.

Checkout the rules below and see if you agree.
(The rules are even simplified into a "Ten Commandments" format to make it easier to remember):

Ten Commandments of Personal Finance Management
     I.  Thou Shalt Take Action
    II.  Thou Shalt Pay Off All Credit Card Debt
   III.  Thou Shalt Understand the Difference Between WANTS and NEEDS
   IV.  Thou Shalt Live on Less Than You Earn
    V.  Thou Shalt Pay Yourself First
   VI.  Thou Shalt Set Financial Goals
  VII.  Thou Shalt Educate Yourself and Be Responsible for Your Decision
 VIII. Thou Shalt Save and Invest
   IX.  Thou Shalt Protect Your Finances
    X.  Thou Shalt Donate to Worthy Causes and Those Less Fortunate


So, is Personal Finance Management "rocket science"?
Will the average Filipino find these rules difficult to comprehend?
What do you think?

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